Our management team consist of different departments that helps our company to be more organized, efficient and competitive.

Human Capital Department
This department deals with staffing and oversees company policies, and making sure our company stays in compliance with all regulations in providing labor law compliance, record keeping, hiring and training.

Accounts and Registration Department
This department is responsible for registration of the delegates and payments. Meeting all the needs of their registration, from Invitation letters, Visa letters and all documentation necessary to make it possible for registrations and trainings to be successful. It also deals with booking of the venues for training and facilitates delegate’s arrivals and departure schedules.

Sales and Marketing Department
This department is responsible for sales and marketing part of the company. The staff includes Sales Managers, Executive Sales Consultants and Team Leaders. This staff is the face of the business, they interact directly with clients and are responsible for meeting customer needs, brand building, advertising and promotions.

Research and Development
This department is responsible for designing and developing of course material, training modules and in-house training, it works hand in hand with all the facilitators and builds a rapport. All accreditation and certificates are done in this department.



business consulting and training
business consulting and training
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