Strategic Supply Chain & eProcurement Workshop

Supply Chain Risk Management remains to be one of the most critical aspects for the success of any business. More and more organisations are now faced with direct and continuously evolving operational and legislative risks as a result of market disruption or malpractice in their supply chains. This workshop is aimed at providing highly-skilled executives and managers with conceptual and strategic skills in supply chain and will empower participants to apply integrated SCM principles on a more strategic level to better compete in a global economy. Organisations are finding that a well-managed supply chain is the key to success.

Supply-chain risk management course is aimed at managing risks in complex and dynamic supply and demand networks. This course will develop an effective Supply Chain Risk Management strategy to address daily business challenges. eProcurement aims at making procurement simplified, transparent and result oriented. This application of online information, services and processes to the procurement function in organisations.

This training is designed to provide both strategic and risk management insights in SCM suitable for CEOs and CFO, Division Heads, Executives and Specialists or those who want a deeper understanding of the subject in the areas of:

  • Risk Management & Finance
  • Managing Directors
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Logistics
  • Procurement
  • Manufacturing
  • Operations & Distribution

The methodology is based on interactive learning, i.e. learners will learn by doing. Furthermore learners will use examples from their own organisations, thus ensuring that the learning is anchored at their workplace. As with all Starface Consulting training programmes, we strive to effect actual change back at the workplace through effective and practical outcomes based training. The Facilitator will guide and facilitate learning using a wide variety of methods including direct input, discussions, case studies and group work.

Upon completion of this course, this workshop will:

  • Help participants understand the business principles underlining procurement of supplies, assets and services and be able to apply basic legal principles in procurement
  • Help participants understand the categories of global supply chain management risk challenges, with ways to identify and address those risks
  • Describe and give examples of economic and political related uncertainties in supply chain
  • Identify mitigation plans to manage risk through logistics, finance and risk management disciplines
  • Find a synergy between eCommerce and eProcurement a more efficient and effective purchasing or procurement process
  • Understand the process of effective procurement projects
  • Understand what financial impact is risk in supply chain on sales and profitability

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    “I greatly enjoyed my time at the workshop. I learned a lot and hope to utilize this knowledge in the work environment.”


    Mr. Stefano Di Guilio

    Executive Director

    Veterinary Clinic Tanzania (Tanzania)

    “The training was beneficial both in the immediate and long term use. It had great influence in the formulation of our draft succession plan policy.”


    Mrs. Tshepiso P. Boalotswe

    Organisational Development Coordinator

    Botswana Unified Revenue Service (Botswana)

    “Excellent workshop, looking forward to the next one. Starface Consulting was well organized and the facilitator was well prepared, the team building excursion was exciting and we had a great time.”


    Mr. Moffat Nyirenda

    Human Resources Director

    Zambia Revenue Authority (Zambia)

    “I strongly appreciate this workshop that I recommend to anybody in HR management no matter their position in any given corporate industry to attend in order to comprehend the pillars in a short period of time.”


    Mr. Sidi Ali Fofana

    Deputy Director for Studies

    Peace Keeping School (EMP – ABB) – Mali

    “This is my 2nd Workshop with Starface Consulting, looking forward for more trainings from Starface and thank you for a wonderful hospitality, and a fruitful workshop. Wishing you all the success in your business.”


    Ms. Mantle Ntshohi

    Assistant Logistics Manager

    National Drug Service Organisation (Lesotho)